Major Types of Construction

Construction is a building process that results in the remodeling or completion of a structure. A construction project can be commissioned by a private property owner or a municipal agency. Here are the major types of construction.

Residential Building

Residential construction entails repairing or remodeling structures for housing people, supplies, or equipment. Multi-family dwellings and single family homes fall in this category. Residential construction may involve building apartments, duplexes, utility sheds, and garages. This construction can also include installation of different utilities including sewer, water, and electricity.

Commercial and Institutional Building

This includes medical facilities like hospitals, schools, stadiums, sports arenas, retail stores, skyscrapers, and shopping centers. Institutional and commercial construction includes construction of new structures, upgrading and maintenance of the existing structures. Typically, private companies or owners commission the construction of institutional and commercial buildings like retail stores. Medical facilities, sports arenas, and schools are paid for or managed by national and local government agencies.

Industrial Construction

Industrial construction involves building specialized structures. This requires specialization as well as technological skills in planning, design and construction. Industrial construction is typically done by for profit or industrial corporations. Industries like medical, chemical, and power generations build these structures. Nuclear power plants, steel mills, and oil refineries are also categorized under industrial construction.

Heavy Construction and Infrastructure

This type of construction entails building railways, communications, and roads around the existing buildings. Typically, this construction is aimed at serving the public interest. It is mostly done by large private companies and government agencies. Tunnels, highways, pipelines, drainage systems, overpasses and bridges as well as drainage systems are some of the projects under the heavy construction and infrastructure category.

Each of these types of construction requires certain level of expertise and equipment to complete. Choose a contractor for your project depending on the type of construction you want to undertake and their capabilities.