Major Types of Construction Companies

Categorization of construction companies is based on the type of the job a company performs. Some of the roles of a construction company include land acquisition, design, execution, financial planning, maintenance, and paperwork. Here are the major types of construction companies.

Small Renovation Contractors

A small renovation contractor works on projects that require small capital amount and work that doesn’t require major construction organization or too much estimating. Some of the jobs done by small renovation contractors include office and small commercial work as well as home alternations. Most small renovation contractors work from their home offices and they usually handle paperwork at night.

General Contractors

A general contractor is often an expert in alternation work or new buildings. Majority of building contractors tend to subcontractor a large part of what they do. Alternation contractors use their forces to handle most projects. There are also general contractors that specialize in public works.

Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers are owner-builders. Apart from building for their ownership, real estate developers build with an aim of selling before or even after completion. This category can also include one and two family home contractors or builders.


This is a company that works as an owner-builder and it may not be categorized as a contractor in strict sense. This company constructs buildings to own them but it can sell them upon completion, operate, or rent them out. On occasion, most owner-builders act as general contractors or construction managers as the sideline of the main business which is building for personal ownership.

Package Builders

These are companies that take handle contracts from designing to construction. In addition, their services include land acquisition and project financing. Companies that handle package building show their prospective clients the prototypes of the buildings they have completed. Their staff includes engineers, architects, and construction personnel.

Other construction companies can be categorized as sponsor builders, program manager, and construction manager. It’s crucial to know what a construction company can do before you entrust it with your construction project. Choosing the right construction company will influence the outcome of your project. For more details on construction companies, check out this website here.